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Some users have experienced connectivity issues, which are now resolved by downloading the following update:

How to install

For the sake of this tutorial - lets say that you downloaded hr-update-may.tar.gz on your Desktop.

To install it - go to (or if that does not work - go to )
Where it says "To restore configuration files, you can upload a previously generated backup archive here."  there is an option called "Restore Backup". Click on Choose File, a window will pop up. Navigate to Desktop (or wherever you saved the file, sometimes it is auto-stored at Downloads) and find the file called "hr-update-may.tar.gz". Select the file and click Open.
Now select "Upload Archive" and wait. A window will show up, saying "System - Rebooting".

Wait for around 2-3 minutes while the device restarts. Once done restarting - you can start using it again.

As always - if you have any questions - feel free to start a Live chat with us, email or open a ticket on this page.

What does this update do?

The update addresses only a specific NTP issue, which some earlier versions of the router have. For the encryption to work at maximum speed (or at all) - it strongly depends on correct time in the system itself. We have created a script, which ensures that the time is correctly synced with googles, to ensure the highest possible performance.

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